Meet Ruby's Sheep

Meet the Sheep


The leader of the flock, is known for her gentle nature and love for attention. She will often follow visitors around, seeking extra cuddles. When it comes to attention and cuddles, the leader of the flock takes the crown. Her gentle nature and friendly demeanor make her a popular choice for visitors!


In contrast to Holly, Chomps has a mischievous streak and can be quite the character. She loves nibbling on grass and tends to be the first one to explore new areas of the patch. Don't be surprised if she tries to steal a snack from your hand!


As sweet as her name suggests, Marshmallow is gentle and loves it when visitors take the time to give her a gentle stroke. Indulge Marshmallow's affectionate nature by giving her a tender stroke - it's like a sweet treat for her!


Olive is full of energy and curiosity. She loves running and playing with her fellow sheep and can often be seen snuggling up to visitors. Visitors are in for a treat when she cozies up to them, spreading her fuzzy warmth and charm.